National Cancer Institute: Center for Reducing Cancer Health Disparities features Julie Dang in spotlight

WED, May 5th, 2014 -- "The Asian American Network for Cancer Awareness and Training (AANCART) is now offering culturally sensitive cancer education brochures and videos for the Asian public in a variety of Asian languages. AANCART's educational efforts are part of the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center's ongoing work to reduce cancer health disparities through community-based participatory education, training, and research.

AANCART, designated by NCI as the National Center for Reducing Asian American Cancer Health Disparities, is funded under a U54 grant by the NCI Center to Reduce Cancer Health Disparities.

"Working closely with the Asian American community, it took us about three years to produce the videos," says Julie Dang, M.P.H., Administrative Core Director and Community Health Educator for AANCART.

The brochures and videos are available to the public in Cantonese, Hmong, Korean, Mandarin and Vietnamese. (see videos and links below). The five-minute videos were designed to inform Asian Americans about the importance of getting involved in cancer research. One of AANCART's major goals is to increase Asian Americans' awareness of clinical trials and the importance of biospecimen donation, such as blood, saliva, or tissue.

As a result of AANCART's formative research, "we learned that physicians want to approach patients, but language and culture barriers hindered effective patient/provider communication," Dang says. "We would like to see health systems throughout the United States utilize our materials because these communities would want to participate in cancer research."

According to Dang..."

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