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May Sung, M.P.H.

Bio Portrait

May Sung

Community Advisory Group Member and Co-Director Outreach Core

May Sung, M.P.H. is Vice President for Community Health Initiatives for the American Cancer Society, California Division, Inc.  May has served the Society in different capacities for the past 29 years.  She provides management oversight in the areas of wellness, cancer prevention and early detection, and pain management/quality of life.   Her scope of work focuses on increasing access to cancer prevention and early detection among disparate populations by working through community systems to affect change in policy and practice.  Systems include community health and education systems, such as federally qualified health centers, community clinics, MediCal HMOs, health plans, primary care groups, school districts, school boards, county offices of education and Access to Care coalitions throughout California.  She supervises the ACS-California Chinese Unit and provides support to the Northern California Pain Initiative (NCPI), a project that focuses on education and pain policy and promotes the right of persons with pain to improve their quality of life.   She is a staff partner to the division-level volunteer Asian American & Pacific Islander Team to address cancer disparities and promote health equity.  

May serves as a member of the APICEM (Asian & Pacific Islander Cancer Education Materials) Governance Committee, representing the American Cancer Society, to promote and expand the web tool’s use.  She currently serves on the Outreach Core and the Community Advisory Group of “AANCART National Center for Reducing Asian American Cancer Health Disparities.”  Previously, May served as volunteer National AANCART Community Director between 2006-2010.  

May received her Masters of Public Health from the University of California at Berkeley.