Cores - Outreach

AANCART’s Outreach Core brings together community-academic partnerships and an NCI-funded community health educator who is part of the National Outreach Network to provide educational materials, forums, health fairs, and other modes of outreach to increase knowledge of and access to beneficial cancer screening and risk reducing behaviors.  During the past nine years, AANCART has successfully utilized the approach of focusing on distinct Asian American ethnic groups and the cancers or the cancer risk factors that are significantly impacting them.  This approach has allowed AANCART to address local (geographic) and population-specific needs while sharing the experiences and lessons learned throughout AANCART to the general Asian population.  The Outreach Core focuses on the Hmong community in Sacramento, CA (through Hmong Women’s Heritage Association); the Vietnamese and Chinese community in San Francisco, CA (through the Chinese Community Health Resource Center); the Korean community in Los Angeles, CA (through the University of California, Los Angeles); and the Filipino community in Honolulu, Hawaii (through the University of Hawaii, Manoa).